New NetZero Message Center Features
We hope you enjoy the improved NetZero Message Center, designed to give you a fun and efficient email experience. See below to read about some of the new features.
Enhanced Message Editor Liven up your messages with HTML formatting. Choose your favorite fonts, colors, highlighting, and more. formatting
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Personal Folders Create and name your own personal folders to help organize and store email messages the way you want.
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Inbox Auto-Refresh See new emails as they arrive in your inbox without clicking the Check Mail button. More Info »
Email Arrival Alerts Find out when new messages arrive even if you're in a different part of the Message Center. More Info »
Automatic Draft Saving Saves a draft of the message you are composing to avoid losing work if you are interrupted. More Info »
Invites for Friends Invite multiple friends to enjoy NetZero Free Email and other NetZero services. More Info »
Multiple File Attachments Save time by simultaneously attaching multiple files to your email message. More Info »
Improved Identity Protection Get stronger fraud warnings to help avoid potential identity theft. More Info »
Drag and Drop
Easily move messages between folders by dragging and dropping them where you want.
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Message Flags Mark important messages with a colored flag to make them easier to find later. More Info »
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